Cute Accessories To Get You in Style

Nowadays, everyone is enthralled with fashion. Why would you not anyway? With the current trends in business, entertainment industry and other recreation sectors, fashion could prove to be a good incentive. Everyone wants to look trendy and modern. Perhaps cute accessories may also serve that purpose. There are numerous accessories that are used in fashion. Accessories bring glamor and style to any person regardless of age or gender. Let’s take a look at some of these modern accessories, shall we?

Handmade felt jewelry

You may probably think that watches are the only accessories that make you look trendy. Well, that is just but a stereotype. Felt beads are an example of handmade jewelry that goes along with most classy outfits. Felt beads come in many designs and colors. If you are looking for stylish felt accessories then you should try out some of these beads. These felt beads are also pocket friendly and do not use complicated materials. In fact, some of them use felt strips that make lovely bracelets.

Poppy Bracelets


Poppy bracelets are another classy type of accessories. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you do not need to buy them. Yes, that’s right – you do not have to spend a dime on them! All you need to make a poppy bracelet is a red circular felt piece; shape it into a spiral and add a flower and a pearl to embellish its center and voila! Oh, and by the way, poppy bracelets are unisex. They make great accessories for both men and women.

3D Balls

3D balls may be considered the most fashionable felt balls to wear to a ball or to customs weddings. These accessories are also inspired by the trending #Anthropologie products. Why would you need gold and diamonds while you can access a 3D ball? You may string these felt balls with only a few beads and a small chain.

Mod Triangles

Mod triangles incorporate both style and class. If you value style, then mod triangles probably suite you well. This jewelry will give you a taste of the modern aesthetics. The interesting thing about them is that they are easy to design and make. Anyone can make them. Hence they are cost-effective. With different colors to choose from, you may give this contemporary piece a timeless knack.

With these and more inexpensive cute accessories, you have a reason to stay trendy and stylish without having to rob a bank. There is something for everyone. The most important thing about fashion accessories is that they can match every outfit, as well as different occasions. Make your choice today, stay cool.